Leadership Team

Executive Director

Summer Allmon


Summer was born and raised on her family’s farm in southern-middle Tennessee, where she still calls home today. Her first foray into the non-profit world was as an Advisory Board member, and then as member of a Therapy Team, along with her (favorite) dog, Janet. When her aunt, Quat, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she decided she could not sit by while so many women and their families were blindsided like hers was so, after she got her hair back to a normal color, she launched her own non-profit (because she’s a control freak) to combat ovarian cancer and spread awareness. When she’s not hanging out with her family, running races, doing CrossFit, or playing with her pups, she’s working to end this disease for all women and their families (and possibly dying her hair teal in the process).

Financial Officer

Sloane Goldman


I am in a busy, exhausting, but oh so fun season of life with a 21-month-old and one on the way! My husband, Booger (don’t judge by his nickname, Quatina first suggested I meet him) and I are still figuring out parenting and we have realized that its not meant to ever completely be figured out so we just learn as we go and roll with it for the most part. We love spending time with our little guy, Tallent. He is one of our biggest blessings and we cannot wait to find out the gender of our newest little blessing. We have a huge family and they mean the world to me; however, when I am not into something with my family, you can find me squeezing in a run or workout. I definitely work to live and not live to work so I guess you can say that’s why I chose to tell you my career last. I am fortunate to have a flexible job that helps me stay work/life balanced as a CPA at a small firm in Huntsville, AL where I do tax work.

Why I am proud to be serving on the BOD of the Quatina M. Wolaver Foundation of Hope?

In October of 2017, our family lost a beautiful soul who certainly made an impact on me and anyone who she came in contact with. Quat, my aunt, lost her battle to ovarian cancer at the ripe age of 50. I am no author and I freeze every time I am asked to write a short script of how amazing she was and how much carrying on her legacy means to me; however, I hope to do her justice while serving on the Board of her nonprofit. Quat had a full heart, grateful for everything big and small, cared for others while putting her own needs in the backseat, and carried out God’s command to live her life to the fullest! I am a better wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, niece and friend because of her. She will always continue to inspire me to live life to the fullest. I want to help bring awareness about ovarian cancer, fund the research for a cure, and show compassion and support to those battling in her honor in hopes that their outcome is different that Quat’s because if she were here that would be her goal too. That is the mission of this Foundation and I am honored to be proudly serving!

Ask me about: Running, CrossFit, signs/symptoms of ovarian cancer, pregnancy, parenting a toddler, the first time Quat pointed “Booger” out to me


Natalie Winsett


Natalie joined the Quatina M. Wolaver Foundation of Hope as Vice Chairman in 2019. Although Natalie has worked with several charities in the past, this is her first BOD position. This foundation is extra special to her as it bears the name of a close family friend. Natalie has enjoyed her work so far, learning more about the disease and spreading awareness.  Natalie and her husband, Kevin, have three girls. Natalie loves spending time with her family, outdoor activities (especially running), and staying involved in her church.


Brady Porter


Life is a journey, and Brady Porter believes we are called to make a positive impact on
everyone we encounter, especially those in need.  That’s why he’s volunteered with several non-profit organizations over the past two decades including Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Alabama, the Boys and Girls Club of North Alabama, the Huntsville Hospital Foundation, the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center, and Boy Scouts of America.  He applies this philosophy to his day job, too, where he leads a business unit for Torch Technologies, a major corporate contributor to philanthropic causes across the Tennessee Valley.  Recognizing the amazing things that can be accomplished through community engagement, Brady is a graduate of Leadership Greater Huntsville’s Flagship Program, L-32, a.k.a. “the Best Class Ever.”

Board member

Amy Harwell


Amy Harwell believes it is our duty to serve others and to make the world a better place. She is an active member on several non-profit and community boards. Amy is a native to Lincoln County, Tennessee, and continues to call Lincoln County home. She loves spending time with her family on their farm. Amy’s favorite place is outside with her pups or running roads, trails, and obstacle courses. Amy became a part of this non-profit because of her belief system to help others. Her mom is a breast cancer survivor which has created a desire for educating others about cancer. She hopes they are able to educate the women and men of their community about ovarian cancer symptoms and in turn save lives.